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About Season Sports Distribution

Season Sports Distribution is a European distributor of sports- and streetwear. Equipment for skiing and snowboarding is our primary focus.

We started the company in 2014 after a few seasons as ski- and snowboarding instructors in the Alps (more specifically on Wagrain/St. Johann). Season Sports Distribution started distributing the Italian brand Out Of. As the years passed, there were more brands in our portfolio to come. Today we distribute following Out Of, Westbeach and FATCAN in the countries of Denmark, Sweden, Holland and Belgium.

At Season Sports Distribution, we have one central goal - to offer the coolest brands to the right stores – the stores who really know what they're talking about. We know how important it is that you, as customer, gets the right equipment and the necessary guidance.

The team behind Season Sports Distribution has great expertise in several different winter sports..




Season Sports Distribution was established
Brands: Out Of


Established showroom in Aarhus C
Launched shop

Brands: Out Of & Westbeach


Started further distribution to Sweden, the Netherlands and Belgium

Brands: Out Of, Westbeach & FATCAN


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